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It has found a new home on my website.

Please come and have a look:

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FAB Club eBook Now Available – Free eBook Giveaway

I finished turning FAB Club into an ebook (thanks to Vellum software. More on that later).

It is now on Kindle, Kobo and iBooks. To celebrate, I am giving away 100 copies of the ebook, using InstaFreebie.

Click here, to see if there are any free books left:


Or you can support my writing by buying the ebook on Kobo, iBooks, or Kindle.




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Preventing Repetitive Strain Injury (Occupational Overuse Syndrome)

I used to get repetitive strain injury/occupational overuse syndrome a lot. One of the things that has prevented reoccurences has been using software that makes me take breaks and do exercises. If I push myself and ignore the exercises, I really notice.

I used to use Workpace, but they stopped supporting Mac so now I use MacBreakZ


I also really like the advice given by these guys who call themselves the most famous physical therapists on the internet. That may not be true, but they are definitely two of the most helpful (and nerdy).

Watch on Youtube:


WordPress no longer lets me embed video (I must migrate my blog!), so click the link!

Watch on Youtube:

If you have any advice for keeping RSI away, let me know in the comments.


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Inktober 2016 : Guess the Sayings

2016 was the first year I managed to get myself organised for Inktober. I decided to illustrate sayings.

After putting a few of these up with the sayings, my friend Mick said it would be better if he could guess them. So I began to put them up without captions (answers below). NB. I’ve since coloured some of the ink drawings.















Though sometimes I felt like I should have been using the time for something else (like marketing FAB Club…), it was fun to do something different. A lot of the drawings are throwaway doodles, but some are worth keeping, so it was a useful exercise.

But I’m glad it’s November!


  • Crocodile tears
  • Worse things happen at sea
  • Tickled pink
  • Bear hug
  • An elephant never forgets
  • Wolf in sheep’s clothing
  • Nutcase
  • Not my cup of tea
  • Money is the root of all evil
  • Fish out of water
  • All talk and no trousers
  • Brain dead
  • Dead ringer
  • Jack of all trades


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My Children’s Book About Bullying is Now on Amazon

FAB (Friends Against Bullying) Club went live on Amazon last month. Woo-hoo!

FAB Club on Amazon - an action-packed children's book about bullying

When I was planning FAB, I was going to be living in New Zealand when the book came out. I wanted to take the book around schools and libraries and book stores, as I think that is the only way to launch a children’s book by an unknown author. But (long story), we decided to stay another year in Spain, so that put a bit of a spanner in the works.


It’s not a bad place to be for another year.

Instead, I decided to do a soft launch. I’ll be promoting the book through social media and other ways online. I’d love it if you helped me.

Friends Against Bullying – Join the Club!


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Alex Hallatt interview

An interview by Curtis Hoffmann for Basket Case.

Basket Case

Yes! Basket Case has it’s first showcase interview. It’s with Alex Hallatt, creator of Arctic Circle and Human Cull. Human Cull first came to my attention in 2013, when it started running on GoComics. I loved the idea of jerks being identified as such, and I’ve been an avid reader of the strip ever since. It’s a simple premise, with simple, easy to look at graphics. The punchline comes when you locate Alien Admin, and see how he’s eying his target. I’ll let Alex talk more about it below. I’m very please to introduce her here.


BC: Who are you (to Alex, and to Little Alien Guy)?
AH: I’m (Alex) the cartoonist behind Human Cull, the web comic and Arctic Circle, the syndicated comic strip.
AA: Alien Admin has been tasked with culling humans from Earth. It is being done very reasonably, as only…

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FAB Club Bullying Help Sheets – Work in Progress

My book, FAB Club, will launch on October 3rd. To coincide with that, I’m preparing some bullying help sheets, which will be available free to all newsletter subscribers (go to to subscribe).

Here is some of the line art for the illustrations:

Finding a fun hobby to build confidence and prevent bullying

Finding a fun hobby to build confidence


In the UK, all schools have to have an anti-bullying policy

In the UK, all schools have to have an anti-bullying policy

Confident body posture helps against bullying

Finding a fun hobby to build confidence

Dealing with cyberbullying - turn off the phone

Dealing with cyberbullying

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The FAB Club Proofs Look Great

Click to see video

Now the book is being sent to reviewers before it goes live on Amazon at the beginning of October.

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Free Children’s Book Chapters – Friends Against Bullying – Join the Club

The last chapter (12) went out to my crowd editors a couple of weeks ago. I got some enthusiastic feedback from the kids, but a couple of the adults echoed my thoughts about the ending. It all wrapped up, but it was a little flat. Two big edits later and the chapter is now working well. The book is as finished as it can be.

Now I am publishing FAB (Friends Against Bullying) Club as a serial on my web site. You can read it for free, by going to Signing up to the mailing list gets you entry into the members’ area, where you can download previous chapters and access other club goodies.

The Real FAB Club

The next step is publishing the print book on Createspace.

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Creating a Children’s Chapter Book 17: Cover Design

As we get into the last few chapters of the crowd edit, it’s time to finalise the cover. This was the draft:


I had to neaten up the text and bring the kids to the fore to stand out a bit more on screen (books sold online need to have covers that work when they are only an inch or so wide).



Then I had to decide on the colour, which was tough. I put it out to my friends to decide and…. there was no consensus at all.

cover colour test


So I had to decide. Green it is.


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