Spain: Doing Things Differently

One of the interesting things about living in another country is the way they do things differently. Sometimes it can be frustrating (eg. not having a good second-hand economy, so that many good things go to landfill). But most of the time, it is fun.

I have never seen an outdoor escalator in the UK.outdoor-escalator

Or, an outdoor lift.


We are all big fans of the culture of going for an early evening walk and having a couple of drinks and pintxos (tapas). Especially Billie.


Billie wouldn’t be so keen on going to the mall if he had to go into one of the kennels you can rent for a euro.mall-dog-kennel

And I love the way mundane things are made amusing by names that don’t translate well.


Or even those that can be perfectly understood, like this sign in a local kitchenware shop with fascinating-looking drawers that can’t be opened.



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