Graphically Spain – Designs and Doodles

cider-posterMost of the posters we have seen in the town are fairly pedestrian,  but I loved this one. It is in Basque and would be unintelligible were it not for the beautiful design. We made some enquiries (in Spanish) and found that this cider festival was going to be happening right outside our flat. A small charge (5 euros) for a glass got you unlimited tastings of cider and a pintxo to line your stomach first.

The view of the festival from our flat.

The view of the festival from our flat.

And this is the logo of our friendly neighbourhood bar. We had to get to know the bartender, Idoia and her friend, Maxu (Mashoo) when we locked ourselves out of the apartment when we went to the beach. Our landlady was in France, so there was no other way in but to climb in through the window and we are one floor up. Luckily, there was a ladder in Muara and Maxu carried it up the hill for me. I was able to climb in the window, but only by going right to the last step! I baked some chocolate chip cookies to say thanks and now we have a new favourite local bar. It’s very Basque, but fortunately they speak Spanish, so we can get by.
Hondarribia is in an area (Gipuzkoa) that is fiercely Basque. Sometimes, signs are only in Basque and I’ve seen this symbol about a lot. I don’t know what it means, but I have a feeling it is part of some kind of Basque protest movement.    basque-protest-symbol
I haven’t been sketching nearly enough, but here’s a page:



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