Hondarribia: The Festival of the Woman With the Box on Her Head

Last week flew by. I was chasing my deadlines, as usual and also sorted out my new website (, which makes a lot more sense than, even if I had to register every alternate spelling of my last name). I skived off a bit of Friday to go to see a bit of the jazz festival in San Sebastian and stayed home on Saturday to enjoy another crazy festival here.fiesta-box-on-womans-head1

I don’t know what it is called, but having pieced together what locals told us (subject to things being lost in translation) it seemed to involve a woman with a box on her head (containing fishermen’s papers, perhaps), parading from the cathedral to the arch way by the fishermen’s restaurant, where she turned around a few times.fiesta-box-on-womans-head2

Turns out, that is exactly what happened. We aren’t sure what the flags were set up for in the courtyard (together with a stage), but once the woman with the box on her head was done turning, everyone went back to what they were doing and it was pintxo time for us.



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2 Responses to Hondarribia: The Festival of the Woman With the Box on Her Head

  1. scott monahan says:

    I think I’ll make janis walk around the house once with a box, then we’ll drink a bottle of lewis! Si Si !!!


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