Friends Against Bullying – Join the Club!

FAB (Friends Against Bullying) Club is an action-packed book for 8-12 year olds. It is available on and gives you a huge preview of the book, if you want to click inside!

FAB Club book cover

When Jake, Ravi and Toby get bullied by Dave’s gang, they form a club: Friends Against Bullying. They invite Ruth to join, but she’s not too keen, until she becomes a victim of bullying herself. FAB Club grows from strength to strength until Dave’s gang hits them where it hurts. FAB Club have to find a way to rise back up and bring the bullies down to earth.

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1: A Bike, a Bus and Some Bullies

2: An Invitation, Mixed Tapes and a Secret

3: The FAB Three: Toby, Ravi and Jake

4: Spit Pellets, Stink Bombs & a Rude Note

5: FAB Four, FAB Rules and FAB Plans

6: The FAB Tree House

7: Nancy, FAB and a Fire

8: FAB Club Rises From the Ashes

9: The FAB Five and a Stolen Laptop

10: Bikes, Insults and Cracking a Lock

11: Inside the Shed

12: The FAB Crowd


About the Author

If You Need Help


FAB Rules

1. Don’t be a bully.

2. Help people who are being bullied.

3. Have fun.

4. Only FAB members are allowed in the clubhouse.

5. A password must be used to enter the clubhouse.

6. No-one is to talk about the FAB club outside the FAB club.


FAB Characters

Ruth Wilkinson: Ruth is happy to do stuff on her own or hang out with her dog, Arrow. When she isn’t out climbing trees or riding her bike, she likes to draw.

Nancy Wong: Nancy doesn’t mind being known as a teacher’s pet and loves studying, especially computers.

Toby Wilson: Toby is picked on for his size and meekness. He would rather be at home making amazing buildings with his Lego.

Jake Blake: Jake has his own style and doesn’t care about fashion or what other people think.

Ravi Gupta: Ravi loves reading and works hard at school. Unlike Nancy, he tries not to draw attention to himself. He wishes everyone would play by the rules.

Dave Dickson: Dave thinks he looks cool, but his clothes and hair look like they need a wash.

Trevor Skudder: Trevor is big and strong, but doesn’t like to fight. He joined Dave’s gang because Ivan made him.

Ivan Carter: Ivan looks up to Dave like a brother. He’d rather be at Dave’s place or anywhere else than be at home.